“Serious quarantine” warning from President Akıncı

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Mustafa Akinci

President Mustafa Akıncı stressed that the government’s decision to implement a quarantine should be initiated without delay.

with regard to the fact that the ever-changing decisions, practices and discourses about opening up increase concerns along with positive cases.

President Akıncı’s statement on the subject is as follows:

Warnings about issues such as personnel reinforcements should be valued.

Most importantly, as stated by the Presidential Health Advisory Board and as far as I can observe, the introduction of a serious quarantine on entry into the country, which is also demanded by our people, should not be delayed.

I hope somebody says that the President is panicking the People.

I’ve been doing what I said from the beginning.

So I want the politicians to follow the route drawn by the healthcare professionals.

I have no victory beyond protecting the health of our society.

The opening for the economy must, of course, be; But it should proceed with care and value to science.

The introduction of a serious quarantine on entry into the country should not be delayed.

“No one else is needed for anxiety and distrust while you are there”


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