Cyprus on orange heat alert as heatwave drags on-43+today

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Cyprus is on an orange heat alert today, as temperatures remain dangerously high for the fourth consecutive day.

43 degrees are predicted for inland regions, with as high as thirty-four expected over the mountains. 32 n the western coastal areas and 34 in the rest of the coastal regions.

The orange heat alert will go into effect from one past noon until five in the afternoon, as the hot dry mass affecting the island, will persist at least until Wednesday.

Vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, and people with chronic illnesses are advised not to venture out for too long unless absolutely necessary.

It will be increasingly cloudy this afternoon, with light sea breezes in the morning force three to four, later turning southwesterly to northwesterly, light to moderate force three over light seas.

Fine skies this evening, with thin mist in coastal regions.

Winds will start out light to moderate southwesterly to northwesterly force four, later gradually turning northwesterly to northeasterly and locally light force three to four over calm to slight seas, to slight seas in western regions.

Temperatures will drop to 24 degrees Celsius inland and in coastal regions and 22 over the mountains.

The heatwave is expected to continue tomorrow, with temperatures gradually dropping on Wednesday, more so inland and over the mountains.

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