Another 42 degree scorcher, yellow alert

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Another 42 degree scorcher, yellow alert 12

Heatwave conditions will continue throughout the island today, as a warm front affects Cyprus for a third consecutive day.

It’s a good time to venture out to coastal regions but watch out for the Met Office yellow alert running from 11 through to late afternoon.

Fine skies, turning partly cloudy over the mountains in the afternoon, with light variable winds force three, later turning southwesterly to northwesterly, light to moderate force three to four and in windward regions strong force four to five over slight seas.

Temperatures will be a repeat of yesterday’s 42 degrees scorcher inland, with 32 in western coastal regions, 34 in the rest of the coastal areas and 33 over the mountains.

Low cloud and thin mist tonight with light to moderate northwesterly winds, force three to four, later turning northwesterly to northeasterly, light force three, over calm to slight seas.

Temperatures will drop to 22 degrees Celsius inland, the southern and eastern coastal regions, 21 in the rest of the coastal areas and 19 over the mountains.

Fine skies over the next three days, with temperatures close to heatwave conditions, well over above what’s predicted for this time of year.

A brief respite is expected on Tuesday.

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