Pcr test alone is not enough, quarantine should be applied when entering the country

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Pcr test alone is not enough, quarantine should be applied when entering the country 12

The Presidency Health Advisory Board stated that the team performing the PCR test at the entrance to the country should be strengthened, and since the average of 1000 people entering the country with ships and planes is in question, the daily PCR test capacity from 300 to 1000-1500 would be a major problem.

The board warned the Ministry of Health, referring to an international publication, emphasizing that PCR testing will not sufficient for entering the country, and that quarantine should be applied. 

The Committee noted that the deficiencies in the health system could not be eliminated since March, against the Covid-19 outbreak, and expressed anxiety about the entry into the country.

Health Advisory Board directed the “questions asked by the public and the answers to which are not clear” to the Council of Ministers.

Health Advisory Board held a meeting on 30 June with the participation of former Health Ministers Gülsen Bozkurt, Mustafa Arabacıoğlu, Filiz Besim and former Chief Physicians Bülent Dizdarlı and Ersan Berksel.

The topics discussed in the meeting were briefly explained as follows:

“. As a result of consultations with experts, it has been discussed that the deficiencies in the health system (lack of healthcare staff, low test capacity) have not been resolved against the Covid 19 epidemic since March, so their anxiety towards the start of entry into the country has increased significantly. Informing the Ministry of Health about the fact that the PCR tests used previously in our country give more accurate results compared to the new PCR tests taken, the reliability of the new PCR tests taken is 60-70%, and that if the quarantine does not apply, it will be negative to enter the country by accident and if necessary, It was decided to ask his thoughts.

The team performing PCR tests in our country needs to be strengthened, the team in question can perform a maximum of 300 tests per day, but with the start of the expansion, it will be possible to make 1000-1500 tests per day by increasing the capacity of the laboratories in the country.

A consensus was reached that we would have great trouble if we could not reach the point. It was emphasized that the Ministry of Health should be encouraged to increase the capacity by employing contracted personnel from our newly graduated youth in our country, and if necessary, the number of devices and the number of PCR tests with less error margins should be increased.

Our goal should be to detect silent carriers, but it is a recent research and published in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine” “Variation in False-Negative Rate of Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction – Based SARS-CoV-2 Tests by Time Since Exposure ”In a person with the virus (
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7240870/ ) PCR test is 100% on Day 1, 67% on Day 4, 53% is negative on Day 5.

The decision was made to warn the relevant ministry that PCR testing alone will not be sufficient at the entrance to the country and that quarantine application is required.

There was a need to warn the Ministry once again that the GCAS has been doing a maximum of 1000 PCR tests per day with 17 laboratories, that we can perform a maximum of 300 tests per day, so that it is not right to start quarantine entry into the country, given the current conditions and health infrastructure. ”

Presidential Health Advisory Board briefly asked the Council of Ministers the following questions:

“Question 1: Will the people who have positive PCR test as a result of the samples taken at the stands to be established by the Ministry of Health at Ercan Airport, be accepted to the country? 

Question 2: Do we have enough team to take PCR samples? Has the staff been trained? 

Question 3: Where will the quarantine entrants be quarantined under whose supervision? Where will the PCR test positive testers be isolated if they are not returned? 

Question 4: Who will cover the quarantine fees of TRNC citizens and foreigners who will come with quarantine? 

Question 5: How will the implementation be made if the tourists are asked to move from the South to the TRNC as of July 1? Will PCR test be performed at Checkpoints ? 

Question 6: The requested PCR tests from Turkey should be the only from state hospitals and university hospitals? Or will it be accepted in special tests? 

Question 7: What would the application be if Italy, France and Spain citizens who entered Cyprus by entering PCR test within the last 72 hours before arriving and want to pass to TRNC after a 5-day vacation in the South? ”

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