Tatar: Anastasiadis should wake up from the dream that he could usurp our rights in the Eastern Mediterranean

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Prime Minister Ersin Tatar called for "Anastasiadis should wake up from the dream that the Turkish Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriots could usurp their rights in the Eastern Mediterranean".

Ersin Tatar

National Unity Party Chairman, Prime Minister Ersin Tatar said , “the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiadis should wake up from the dream that he could usurp our rights in the Eastern Mediterranean”.

Prime Minister Tatar also called on the European Union to “hear the right of the Turkish Cypriot people and stop the Greek Cypriot from seizing the rights of the Turkish Cypriot”.

Tatar , in a written statement, replied to the Greek Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiadis statements on Greek television.

In his statement, the prime minister said:

“Cyprus President, Nikos Anastasiadis still cannot correctly evaluate the developments.

Greek Cypriot leader needs to wake up from the dream that he could usurp the rights of the Turkish people in the eastern Mediterranean.

Anastasiades: EU must not stay on sidelines as regards Turkey’s aggressive stance

However, the real aggressive and uncompromising side in the region is themselves the Greek Cyriots.

Turkey, the Eastern Mediterranean and from international law itself is on the right track and protect our rights arising from the agreement.

France and or the European Union, no what can stop us from defending our rights with Turkey.

There can be no such logic.

The facts are evident and no one can deny them.

There are two separate States in Cyprus and two different peoples with equal sovereign rights.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is as legal as the Southern Cyprus Administration.

We have a right in all natural resources in this region.

The European Union, which has escalated its disagreement by making the Greek side a full member without a solution, should know that as long as the Greek side is spoiled, Greek leaders will not come to an agreement in Cyprus and this problem will occupy the European Union.

However, people have started to see the truth about the Greek Cypriot side, a realistic peace, cooperation will benefit everyone in the Eastern Mediterranean and they need help to understand that it is possible to accept the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey’s rights. “

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