Power cuts in Famagusta and Iskele area for 9 hours tomorrow.

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The Turkish Cypriot Electricity Authority ( KIB-TEK ) has announced that it will not be possible to supply electricity to some villages and places in Famagusta and Iskele for 9 hours tomorrow.

In the written statement made by Kıb-Tek, the places where electricity will be cut off between 08.30-17.30 due to the maintenance and repair work to be done in the medium voltage electricity network are as follows:

Bosphorus, Boundary, Altinova village and Ağıllar Village, Akova village, Yıldırım Village, Akova Ağıllar, Cemer Su, Alaniçi village, Dörtyol Village, Dörtyol Ağıllar Region, Pirhan, İnönü Village, Sütlüce, Pınarlı, Ulukışla, Aslanköy, Aslanköy Military Facilities, Gönendere , Tirmen, Tirmen Drinking Water Pump and Ergenekon Village, Geçitkale village, Geçitkale Ağıllar, Çamlıca village, Yamaçköy, Mallıdağ, Çınarlı and Base Stations, Tatlısu Village, Village Water Well, Highway Greenhouses Region, Tatlısu Sahil, Sahil Benzin İst. Region, Eski Tavuk Çiftliği, Coastal Greenhouses Region, Mallıdağ Crossroad – Küçük Erenköy coast and Küçük Erenköy area. ”

Since electricity energy can be given earlier or later than the specified time according to the course of the work, it was requested that the people of the region should take necessary measures in order not to be victim of shock and that they should act as if there is electricity in the network at all times.

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