Two planes arrive at Ercan on July 1

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Ercan Airport

Ercan Airport, which is closed due to Covid19 epidemic measures, is reopening tomorrow.

The first plane to Ercan Airport lands at 02.20 tomorrow morning. The second plane will land at 08:00am tomorrow morning.

Approximately 500 passengers will come to the country on two aircraft belonging to Pegasus and Turkish Airlines, which will come from Istanbul.

passengers coming from Turkey will be quarantined. However, a double PCR test will be requested from the passengers who will come.

The passengers coming from Turkey PCR test will be taken on board.

When the passenger enters the country, a second PCR test will be carried out and will sign a commitment stating that they will not leave their accommodation until the PCR test result is out.


Category A:  Guests departing from Malta, Bulgaria, Norway, Germany, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Israel, Greece, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iceland, Taiwan made within 72 hours. will be able to enter Cyprus if there is a PCR test with negative results. Guests without a PCR test will not be admitted to the flight.

· Category B: Turkey,  Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Romania, the guests departing from Estonia to apply the method called double-PCR test, out of which exceed 72 hours with negative results on a PC will be accepted to the flight if they have to test and Cyprus entry in themselves again PCR test will be done and if this test is negative, entrance to the country will be allowed, otherwise it will be quarantined

Category C (High Risk Group Countries):  Guests from the United States, Russia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Iran, Italy, Spain, France will be able to enter Cyprus if there is a negative PCR test that has been done within 72 hours and After entering the country, they will be quarantined for 14 days at their own expense.


T&T Airport Management General Manager M. Serhat Özçelik said that they had an intense preparation period against COVID-19 during the period when the scheduled flight services were interrupted.

There will be social distance rules at the airport

They will pay attention so passengers follow social distance rules until boarding, Özçelik said, “In addition, in areas such as elevators and passenger seating groups, all surface hygiene will be provided continuously by restricting the number of people. We believe that the more we pay attention to the rules in this new period, the sooner we can get through the COVID-19 process. ”

Özçelik pointed out that for the health of passengers, guests and all airport workers, it is important for everyone’s health to follow the rules announced during and after the pandemic, as before COVID-19.

Pointing out that there are thermal cameras, disinfectant mats, social distance lines and hand disinfectant stations at the terminal entrances, Özçelik stated that the temperature of the passengers will continue to be measured carefully, especially in the thermal cameras belonging to the Ministry of Health.

Özçelik stated that they will ensure that a sufficient social distance is maintained between people by controlling the passenger queues better before the security screening and that Ercan Airport will continue to carry out cleaning checks and disinfecting operations in the hours after midnight when there are no passengers and there are few flights.

Following the rules brings health

Calling for passengers or guests arriving at the airport, Özçelik said that if the rules are followed, it will create a safer environment for both your own health and the health of the people around you.


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