Denktaş: ‘Positive in the morning, negative in the evening’

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Denktaş: 'Positive in the morning, negative in the evening' 1

MP Serdar Denktaş  criticized the different statements made by the Minister of Health , Pilli ,

“Morning Positive and afternoon negative explanation”.

Denktaş noted that the passenger who came in the morning said to the nurses in the hospital that “I am positive, I saw treatment there”, Minister Pilli explained.

“The woman said she was positive”

Pilli later took the floor and said, “I will not tell my people that I have never lied. The woman said she was positive, and I said that the test will be done.

Our people trust the ministry and will continue to trust. ” Minister Pilli expressed that 50 deputies in the parliament also trusted him.

Ali Pilli; The passenger had a positive PCR test result in Turkey.

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