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Statement on Turkish Airlines flights 14

The statement made by Turkish Airlines General Manager Bilal Ekşi about the international flights is as follows;

You are rightly asking for INTERNATIONAL flights. A technical explanation first:

All airlines reservation systems in the world have to make reservations up to 330 or 350 days ahead.

Normally, the SUMMER-WINTER tariff is determined and uploaded to the reservation system. ++

Currently, international flights have been stopped by the authorities due to the covid epidemic until 10 June.

The flights that appear in the reservation system as of June 10 are the tariffs that have to be placed at least 6 months ago, as in all airlines.

We also hope that the international flights will start gradually. In addition to our national authorities, the permission of other states is required. These Permissions are followed daily. Sure, we want more international flights to be opened like anyone else.

When international flights are opened in general:

a- which countries are allowed;
b-which countries allowed us;
c-what is the date; the tariff will be determined accordingly and the mandatory tariff change will be made accordingly.

Dear Passengers, We are aware that all these processes are exhausting all of you, all of us. We are experiencing an incredible crisis together in the world aviation history. We are about to overcome an environment with extreme uncertainties.

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