Özersay: “The state is not in a position to pay everyone’s quarantine fee”

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Özersay said that both non-citizens and those who are citizens will enter quarantine when they come to the island and said, “The state is not in a position to pay everyone’s quarantine fee.”


Özersay said, “Nobody is in a position to give exact dates. But for now we have set July 1 as the draft date. We will follow other countries until 1 July! We will never give up the quarantine process. Regarding the normalization of the Checkpoints with Southern Cyprus, it will be paralleled with July 1. We are determined not to do wrong. We will continue to make careful decisions in order not to ruin our efforts. ”

Özersay stated that the citizens of the TRNC, who have been living in TRNC for whatever reason, may be able to board the ship as of today. We said we will meet those who will come in June, ”he said.

“The state is not in a position to pay everyone’s quarantine fee”

Özersay stated that there may be situations where it may be normal to charge quarantine fees from non-citizens, “Both non-citizens and citizens will enter quarantine. However, this state does not have the ability to pay for everyone’s quarantine fee. As in many other parts of the world and in our country, there are many examples of payment differences between citizens and non-citizens ”.

“UNIVERSITIES said they would meet the Quarantine fees for STUDENTS”

Stating that universities will meet the quarantine fees of students, Özersay said, “UK citizen who has a house and a residence here that are worried about the quarantine fee. I do not think there will be big problems with quarantine fees for them. ”

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