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Today was the day Casinos would have opened

The Board of Casino Operators Association has made a decision not to open. The decision was made by a majority vote.

The casinos want quarantine-free crossings to start north and regular flights.

Despite the ‘opening’ clearance received by the government, the casinos decided to ‘not open’.

The Board of Directors of the Association of Casino Operators evaluated the decision of the Government to open casinos on 1 June and made a decision not to open casinos at the meeting held at the Girne Savoy Hotel today. Only Ercan Turhan voted to open.

The Board of Directors of the Association of Casino Operators explained their decision.

“opening will not be appropriate and correct in any way since it will not benefit the companies”.

the condition for opening, the casinos, Checkpoints of the TRNC need to open to tourists’ entrance without quarantine and that the flights to the TRNC start.

Ercan Turhan from Merit Group was the only one that voted against this.


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