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Curfew lifted from tomorrow - Updated Details 14
Starting tomorrow, the curfew will be lifted at night. However, the obligation to wear a mask will continue.

Hotels, casinos, bet offices and tattoo parlors open from tomorrow; culture-arts events, cinema, exhibitions and libraries; individual sports branches and nurseries will also open.

Vehicles carrying personnel will be allowed to operate from tomorrow. There will be a weekly announcement about public transportation.


Turkish Cypriots living in Pile will start their transition to Northern Cyprus tomorrow, provided that the conditions set by the Ministry of Health are complied with.

Kudret Özersay , Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs  , said in his statement on the subject:

“We have authorized the Ministry of Health to facilitate the transition of citizens in Pile to the North. they will have to make a personal commitment that he will not cross back to the South, PCR in the first pass and this will need to be checked. It will be easier for Turkish Cypriots whose family is in the North. The commitment of the citizen in Pile will be controlled by the mechanism to be created. ”

In this context, PCR tests will be carried out to the people living in Pile in cooperation with the village Muhtar  and the Ministry of Health starting from tomorrow.

details for people coming  from ABroad

Citizens who live abroad and whose usual residence is TRNC, that is, living in TRNC under normal conditions, will also be allowed to enter the country from tomorrow. Citizens coming to the country will stay in quarantine, and the quarantine costs will be covered by the state.

Probably a charter flight from England to TRNC will be held on June 5, June 11 and June 17.

Work permit, residence permit, student permit, etc. even if they are not TRNC citizens. Due to residence and work permits in TRNC, they will be able to come to the country from 8 June. These people will remain in quarantine for 14 days, but will pay the quarantine costs themselves.

It will now be possible to bring the funerals of TRNC citizens who died abroad for any reason, including Covid-19, to the country.


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Sheila Lane
Sheila Lane May 31, 2020 at 2:45 pm

Can we visit people now and have visitors?

Sheila Lane
Sheila Lane May 31, 2020 at 2:44 pm

What does individual sports branches mean?

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