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Kudret Özersay

The Council of Ministers meeting Details.

After the Council of Ministers meeting, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay announced the decisions taken.

– We made decisions regarding the construction of Girne Hospital and the completion of Güzelyurt Hospital. The health minister will explain them.

We looked at the financial situation. We talked about when it could be finished.

– Citizens whose usual residence is TRNC will be able to come to the country as of 1 June. Quarantine costs will be covered by the state.

– charter flights from the UK and Turkey will start in June. A charter flight will be organized to TRNC on June 5,11,17.

– Those who have a residence permit in our country, even if they are not TRNC citizens since 8 June. Those who have work permits and residence permits will be able to come to the country. When they arrive, they will enter quarantine and pay for themselves.

– If the existing conditions do not change today, the tourists and other citizens will be able to come from July 1, the conditions of which will be regulated in detail below.

– any foreigners whoo comes to the TRNC, it will be important from which country they come from. There will be 2 separate risk lists. PCR and quarantine will be requested for those coming from risky countries.

– If they come from countries with less risk, we will make an arrangement when entering the country without any need to enter quarantine, provided that they are PCR test certified.


As of June 1, the Ministry of Transport will make a statement about public transportation.

– Regarding the entry of citizens in Pile to the country, the people who have a job in our country will be allowed to pass by doing PCR test and making a personal commitment. This decision will be implemented starting from 1 June after the PCR tests are done. There will be a list.

– The funerals of citizens who died abroad due to coronavirus are now also allowed to be brought to the country.

– We will prepare a second economic support and measure package mid-June.

– Concerning the curfew, the night curfew is lifted from 1 June.

– The Ministry of Transport will hold a final meeting on what to expect after 1 June.

– We have authorized the Ministry of Health to determine in which areas sports competitions will be held.

– I want to state that casinos can be opened if they pay concession fees.

– The closing hours of the markets will be 22.00.

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