Pilli: Checkpoints won’t open if Positives continue in the south

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Pilli: Checkpoints won't open if Positives continue in the south 15

Health Minister Ali Pilli participated in the Sabah Haber program published on BRT

Evaluating the fight against Covid-19, Minister Pilli said, “The fact that there are so few cases in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the result of the struggle. A great success has been achieved by creating opportunities within the impossibilities. This success is the success of all of us. ”

Pilli, who said that there was no positive case in the country for 39 days and that people had confidence and relaxation, pointed out the importance of wearing a mask, respecting social distance, and paying attention to hygiene rules.

Health Minister Pilli said that the infrastructure will be strengthened and that people can be better served when any positive case comes, and that the countries will pay much more attention to health after the pandemic.

TRNC and the Economic and Financial Cooperation Agreement signed between Turkey and Lefkosa would create a 500-bed State Hospital and the preparation of the project is ongoing.

Stating that they have changed the project of GAU Hospital and that it will be a perfect hospital, Pilli said that until the new hospital was completed, that the technical structure of Nalbantoğlu Hospital will be strengthened.

Minister Pilli said that the money required for the completion of GAU Hospital is in the funds and that after the completion of this hospital, Girne Akçiçek Hospital will be moved there.

Health Minister Pilli also evaluated the transitions between TRNC and Southern Cyprus.

Pilli: Checkpoints won't open if Positives continue in the south 16

Minister Pilli said:

“On the Greek side, the pandemic continues. If it continues until June 8, these Checkpoints will not open. The health of our public is at the forefront. We consider the health of our people. If it is exactly as it is now, we are not in favor of opening the checkpoints. On the Greek side, the cases have reset, like us, it takes 14 days of zero cases.

Minister Pilli said that both communities should compromise, and what matters is public health.

Stating that there is nothing clear about when the flights will start, Pilli said that they will reveal the conditions and when flights will start.

Health Minister Pilli stated that there will be a 14-day quarantine for all TRNC citizens who come from abroad in June.

Regarding the drug shortage, Pilli said that there is not much drug shortage and that at the drugs used in the treatment of cancer will come within the week.


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