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Sibel Siber on live TV said that the speed Government has reopened the TRNC is just to fast,

she said that we are getting complacent.

she warned that thinking it’s over is way to soon.

Siber also said having zero positive cases does not mean there is none and that citizens should continue as if anyone they come into contact with may be positive.

there is a high risk that we could end up having to close down again and all the hard work would be lost.

she gave an example, “imagine you had an operation and it went great, if you don’t take care of yourself then it could all be undone and you could lose your life, so please be careful and do not become complacent.”

After the holidays (Bayram) around the 15th, that’s when we will know if we got past the holidays without any positives.

Siber also said that South Cyprus may have low numbers but its unlikely they will ever like us be zero for a month.



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