Yellow alert for tonight and tomorrow; Lefkosa temperature hits 44 C today

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The Met Office has issued yet another extreme high-temperature warning as Cyprus continues to swelter in temperatures more than 10 C above the seasonal average.

The new warning is yellow and is in force from 10 pm tonight to 5 pm on Wednesday.

It comes on the back of an orange alert that was in force until 5 pm on Tuesday when temperatures in Nicosia hit 44 C.

In its latest warning the Met Office said that minimum temperature tonight is expected to be around 25 C inland and over the eastern coastal areas, 27 C over the southeastern coastal areas and around 25 C over the western coast.

Maximum temperatures tomorrow are expected to be around 41 C inland, around 39 C on the south coast and around 32 C over the mountains.

Maximum temperatures today were Lefkosa 44 C,

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