Another scorcher as heat wave grips Cyprus

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Monday will be another blistering hot day with a third consecutive extreme high temperature warning in force until 5 pm.

In its early morning weather bulletin, the Met Office said Monday will be fine and hot as a warm air mass continues to affect the area.

There will also be dust at intervals in the atmosphere.

Yesterday evening, the Met Office issued a yellow alert warning that the maximum temperature today is expected to be around 42 C over the inland areas and around 39 C over the southern coastal areas.

Temperatures will be 36 C on the west and north coasts and 31 C in the mountains.

Tonight temperatures will be 26 C inland, the south and east coasts, around 22 C on the west and north coasts and around 20 C in the mountains.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be mainly be fine and hot.

Temperatures will remain at the same levels inland and in the mountains, but will edge down gradually on the coasts, remaining noticeably above the seasonal average.

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