TRNC: The last coronavirus patient describes Fight with the Virus

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Zekai ve Şerife Gece

The last known patient, who has been treated for coronavirus (Covid-19) in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), spoke to Demirören News Agency. Explaining that he was fighting the virus for 30 days, Gece said, “I did not feel any fever or headache. I had severe muscle aches.”

There has been no coronavirus incident in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for a month. The last patient in the country was discharged 4 days ago. Describing the virus as a nightmare, Zekai Gece said, “I don’t remember anything. I slept for three days. I was like dead. ” Explaining that his wife Şerife Gece (67) came to the hospital as a companion, Zekai Gece said, “My wife and the hospital also had a coronavirus. He also had a hard time. ”


Explaining that he was struggling hard for a month, Gece said, “I experienced extreme cough and headaches. Continuous tests were carried out. Three tests were taken before I was discharged. At that time, I could neither speak nor walk. But now I’m fine now, I’m walking. There is nothing I remember about my illness process. ”

Saying that she had another coronavirus patient staying in her room when she was accompanying her husband, Şerife Gece said, “I caught a coronavirus in the hospital. I did not feel fever or headache. I had severe muscle aches. “I have recovered after 9 days.” Saying that he felt bad when he learned that the coronavirus test was positive, Şerife Gece said, “You are in shock at that moment. My family and children came to my mind. You think of many things at the same time.


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