Gürkut: Everyone should be ready for the second wave of coronavirus

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Özlem Gürkut, President of the Turkish Cypriot Medical Association (KTTB)

Özlem Gürkut, President of the Turkish Cypriot Medical Association (KTTB), said that everyone should be prepared for the second wave of coronavirus.

While being interviewed by Kathimerini newspaper, Gürkut drew attention to the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic, criticized the minimum measures in the TRNC, and gave information about what has been done in the process so far.

Gurkut noted that the TRNC Government has started to remove the coronavirus measures, but no measures have been taken for the high-risk group.

Stating that Cyprus is an island country and it is advantageous to be an island country in such epidemics, Gürkut pointed out that the closure of borders on both sides of the island facilitates the control of the epidemic.

According to the report, Gürkut reiterated their call for cooperation to the Greek Medical Association as KTTB.

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