Turkish Cypriot Kamil Cemil living in England succumbed to coronavirus

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Turkish Cypriot Kamil Cemil, who lived in England, died in the 90s due to coronavirus.

Nafiya Horozoğlu, the President of the Turkish Cypriot Youth Association of England, said that the number of Turkish Cypriots who lost their lives in England due to Covid-19 reached 92.

Nafiya Horozoğlu used the following expressions in his entire post: “Coronavirus took another of our community members among us …

Kamil Cemil, a 90-year-old resident in the UK, lost his struggle with Covid-19. We wish our mercy to God, mercy from God, to his sorrowful family …

The number of Turkish Cypriots who died in the UK due to Covid-19 reached 92. This number may be in certain known cases where we are not aware of this number.

The number of Cypriots who died due to the virus in the UK reached 302. While the number of Greek Cypriots increased to 180, the number of Turkish Cypriots is now 92, and 1 Cypriot Maronite has died. We also learned that there were 29 Cypriots who died outside of London, 7 of which were Turkish Cypriots.

Cypriots account for 4.6 percent of Covid-19 cases in London. This rate was 5.5 percent last week. A total of 15 Cypriots died in the past week (2 Turkish Cypriots and 13 Greek Cypriots). the previous week, 51 Cypriots died. There is a decrease in the number of intensive care patients and deaths in the Cypriot community, but the danger remains.

No relaxation! Let’s continue to comply with the measures. It is very important for everyone to be responsible for yourself, to pay attention to social distance, to not go outside unless it is mandatory, to stay away from potentially contaminated environments and not to go out without wearing a mask. Don’t worry about complacency, the number of cases and deaths across England are still quite high. “


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