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Police Checks

Police carried out 4727 checks and booked 79 drivers and pedestrians for breaking the lockdown decree overnight.

As regards checks on movement, police gave the following breakdown:

Nicosia: 1576 checks, 12 booked

Limassol: 826 checks, 19 booked

Larnaca: 586 checks, 12 booked

Paphos: 586 checks, 17 booked

Famagusta: 221 checks, 5 booked

Morphou: 160 checks, 4 booked

Police HQ traffic unit: 402 checks, 6 booked

MMAD: 29 checks, 4 booked

From 6 pm on Wednesday to 6 am on Thursday they also found two businesses to be in violation of decrees to contain the spread of coronavirus after checking 217 premises in Nicosia, 119 in Limassol, 113 in Larnaca (one booked), 192 in Paphos, 63 in Famagusta and 51 in Morphou (one booked).

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