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Tatar: I did not say such a thing

Ersin Tatar

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar, on the last day of interviews with news channels in turkey was quoted as saying that the TRNC is Corona Free.

Tatar: I did not say such a thing

After the image was reflected on social media, the statement Tatar thought to have made was criticized by the healthcare professionals.

Tatar, in his statement from his social media account, said that this statement did not belong to him.

The complete Tatar statement is as follows:

While making a statement to TGRT today, a subtitle was written that the nightmare in the TRNC was over and that the country was corona free. On social media, I have no such statement to TGRT.

We were detected in the first German tourist group, we stopped our flights, closed the borders, schools,  and imposed night curfews. except essential services. We have no cases for the last 4-5 days. Almost all of our patients were discharged. It is said that there are 7 people in the hospital. But we are taking care because it is easily transmitted. Gradually, work continues on how to open some workplaces. we speak with Turkey all the time. our public obeying the ban and it has been successful. There are “0” cases in recent days.

How will it be reflected in normal life?

Our bad luck is the economy of the island, based on tourism. Besides, it is a country with students. With the success of students coming from outside the university in recent years, the number of students from Turkey. All hotels are empty, I think 20 thousand students are left, and they are from third world countries. Other students returned to their homes.

There was a big problem for the economy. Accordingly. TRNC is in trouble. There are also problems in other countries but there is a big problem because we only have tourism and education. On the other hand, the housing sector has also stopped. It is difficult for foreigners to come here in this period. However, Turkish Cypriots are a people who have overcome these troubles in unity and solidarity with the support of social solidarity and Motherland. What happened here in 63 and 74 is obvious.

These struggles exist in the glorious history of Turkish Cypriots. After 74, It is a small island, our population here is 500 thousand with working permits, there is not much population. We see the struggle in Turkey. Our hope is increasing that we can overcome the troubles as soon as possible.

About Ankara’s aids … will these aids continue in the coming period?

We contacted the Ministry of Health from the very first day. In addition, we are in constant contact with Fuat Oktay. Besides, I spoke twice with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on the phone.

I had conversations with him. He said that TC is always with TRNC, and their assistance to TRNC will continue, as it is to the whole world. Turkey’s support we always continue. What is important is the issue of Turkey successfully overcome.

We watch the statements of the Minister of Health every day. We also establish order according to him. Of course, on this tiny island, Turkish Cypriots have accomplished many things. We managed this job well with alot of sacrifice of our healthcare professionals and this gave us confidence. In this process, we are happy to bring our citizens here and bring their families back within the quarantine process.

Germany did not do this. they did not contact us. Their own citizens stayed here. They did not communicate with us during the quarantine process.

Despite everything, we manage this crisis successfully, to be able to make our voice heard to the world in order to take the place it deserves in the world. We will continue the success of TRNC with the same determination to sustain our politics and existence.

Some European countries are in the process of normalization. What is the situation in TRNC?

We are talking about 4 may. Our health and related boards are doing their work. Small businesses, workshops, machinists, carpenters that do not have contact facilities .. markets are already working. last to reopen will be the most crowded places.

We also have restaurants, cafes, schools .. online education. College exams may be postponed until September. We are in a position to open economic life slowly. with Turkey it will be even better.

Southern Cyprus is in bad condition.  We are a separate state, but we are economically integrated. Hopefully it will become clear after the holidays, we will come to the point of giving direction to the economy and the public.

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