More than 200 UK Cypriots died of Coronavirus in Britain

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As at April 15, more than 200 UK Cypriots have died from Covid-19.

information from local hospitals, churches, the Turkish Cypriot media and community, funeral directors and from death announcements.

According to data, the 200 comprise 120 UK Greek Cypriots, 65 UK Turkish Cypriots and one UK Maronite Cypriot, all from London.

Outside London, they recorded four from Birmingham, three from Weston-super-Mare, one from Derby, one from Lowestoft, one from Cambridge, one from Cheltenham, one from Liverpool, one from Luton and one from Southend.

The UK Cypriot community has become ‘very concerned’ over increasing evidence pointing to a disproportionate rate in fatalities among the Cypriot community of the UK.

“We make up 3 percent of the population of London – if we are 300,000 out of 9 million, we account for almost 6 percent of all Covid-19 related deaths in the capital.

“Cyprus, which has a population of a million, has recorded only 16 deaths,” it said.

According to a Reuters tally on Wednesday evening, the UK counts 12,868 deaths and 98,476 cases of Covid-19.

Reported cases of the coronavirus crossed 2.05 million globally and more than 136,600 people have died.

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