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Press release from Pegasus

Information About Cancelled Flights for 1st – 15th of May 2020

Dear Guests,

In line with the additional precautions to combat the coronavirus all flights are cancelled between 1st of May 2020 and 15th of May 2020 according to SHY-Passenger Regulations.

In line with the SHY-Passenger Regulations due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) published as of 25th of March 2020 , all cancelled flights ticket operations will be done according to the process down below.

Open Ticket:

You can convert your ticket to open ticket via and Pegasus mobile app

– No penalty will be applied when you convert to open ticket.
– You can use your open ticket within a year on any route.
– If you don’t use you’re open ticket, you can get a full refund two months after the reciprocal flight restrictions have been lifted.


All cancelled flights can be changed without paying any penalty or difference only via our free call centre number 0 (850) 250 67 02

– Tickets that are booked on 26th March 2020 and before can re-book their tickets for flights until 27 March 2021 without paying any penalty or difference.
– If you book after 26th of March and your flights is cancelled, you still change your ticket without penalty and just pay the difference between the new flight.


All cancelled flights can only be refunded via our free call centre number 0 (850) 250 67 02

– As the SHY-Passenger Regulations of published on 25th March 2020 due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), If you’re not able to use a ticket that you have converted to an open ticket, you can obtain your refund two months after reciprocal flight restrictions have been lifted.

Best Regards,

Pegasus Airlines

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