Kudret Özersay: No entry to TRNC for UN or Diplomats for one week

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Kudret Özersay: No entry to TRNC for UN or Diplomats for one week 14
Kudret Özersay:

“To the attention of the public

As you can remember, at the time when we restricted entry to our country to just TRNC citizens, we also restricted the entry of UN Peace Force and Ambassadors and other Diplomatic Missions, but we did not stop them completely.

Considering the latest developments, we decided to take additional measures in this regard.

Tonight, we have sent a memorandum to the United Nations and Diplomatic Missions in southern Cyprus, that starting from tomorrow for the next week;

1) The entry for diplomats of embassy’s and similar representative offices to our country will be stopped;

2) The staff of the United Nations, the European Union and other international organizations (including UN soldiers) will be stopped from entering the country; On the other hand, it will be possible for UN soldiers from UN military camps in our country to cross to south Cyprus;

3) Aid and other medical supplies sent from the south to the Maronites and Greek Cypriots in our country  will not be obstructed, but will be delivered by us under the supervision of the UN representative in the TRNC;

4) On the other hand, a transition that may be related to the fight against the Coronavirus epidemic in the world and in our country will depend on the condition that permission is obtained from the Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs beforehand”.


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