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Messaging service WhatsApp provided three new features to its 1.6 million worldwide users with its latest update.

Reminders, call waiting and additional management features on group chats are the most significant features of the update released by the Facebook-owned company a week ago, Scottish newspaper Daily Record reported Monday.


As per a partnership deal with popular reminder app, and WhatsApp last week, the social messaging platform now allows its users to create and receive reminders.

To use this function, users need to have an account on both platforms and link them. Users can then set reminders by texting what they wished to be reminded and when, with responding at the specified time as a reminder.

Call waiting

With the latest update, users will be able to receive calling notifications while they are on the phone with someone else.

Previously, the app would not alert users on a second call. However, now users can decline or accept an additional call during an ongoing conversation.

Group chats management 

WhatsApp users can now control who can add them to group chats to avoid being added to unwanted groups.

They can now choose among the options “everyone, my contacts, my contacts except…” under privacy settings to choose who can add a user to a group. Others will only be able to send invitations which can then be accepted or declined.

Additionally, the social messaging app will no longer work on various types of smartphones starting from the last day of 2019.

The app will be unavailable on any Windows Phone operating systems after Dec. 31, as well as Android versions 2.3.7 and older, iOS 7 and older after Feb. 1, 2020.

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