Excellent cooperation between Greece and South Cyprus for Cyprus solution, Greek FM says

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Nikos Dendias

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has said that the Greek and the Greek Cypriot government are in excellent cooperation aiming at the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Delivering a speech on Sunday during the Hellenic Parliament’s session for the State Budget 2020, Greek Foreign Minister stressed that Greece and South Cyprus are the only EU member states that face challenges of national security due to Turkey’s aggressiveness.

“Since the first day of our governance, we are in excellent cooperation with the government of the Republic of Cyprus to protect our common interests. And we are seeking to further deepen this excellent cooperation. I have spoken countless times with my counterpart and friend, Nicos Christodoulides. Our cooperation concerns primary our common strategic goal, which is the solution of the Cyprus Problem,” Dendias said.

He further noted that Greece’s and South Cyprus’ cooperation made possible the denouncement of Turkey’s actions by the EU and the implementation of targeted measures against it. “The unanimous reaction of the EU against Turkey came with a status of sanctions, according to which natural or legal persons who participate in illegal drilling activities are not allowed to enter in the EU, and their assets will be frozen,” Dendias said.

Greek Foreign Minister also stressed that Greece will protect its national space, while prioritizing a foreign policy based on the international Law, good neighboring relations and the respect of International Treaties.

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