Met Office issues yellow alert, warns of heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms

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Weather Thunderstorm

The police have warned drivers in Iskele to take special care on the roads because of heavy rains.

Heavy rainfall has led to reduced visibility on the Iskele – Karoaz Highway.

Drivers who use this route should be keep their speeds down and drive with care, the police notice said.

The Met Office has issued a rainfall warning for later tonight and for tomorrow.

In a yellow alert that is in force from 1 am to 4 pm on Thursday, the Met Office said that rain and at times isolated thunderstorms are expected to affect the area.

The total rain accumulation is locally likely to exceed 50 millimetres in a six hour period, it added.

And it said: Be aware of the potential for localised flooding of a small number of properties, with local disruption to outdoor activities. Difficult driving conditions due to reduced visibility and aquaplaning.

In its weather bulletin issued on Wednesday afternoon, the Met Office said an extensive low pressure system was moving east and is expected to affect Cyprus late tonight.

Tonight the weather will remain mainly overcast and there will initially be local rain or isolated thunderstorms but later and especially after midnight the rain is expected to be heavy.

In the highest Troodos peaks snow or sleet is forecast.

Temperatures will drop to 11 C inland, around 14 C on the coast and around 5 C in the mountains where there may be frost.

Tomorrow will be cloudy with rain in many areas and isolated thunderstorms. Snow is forecast for the higher Troodos peaks.

Temperatures will be 14 C inland, around 16 C on the coasts and around 7 C in the mountains.

Tomorrow night will be partly cloudy and in places mainly cloudy and scattered showers or thunderstorms are expected. Snow or sleet is forecast in  the higher Troodos peaks.

Friday will be partly cloudy and scattered showers or isolated thunderstorms are forecast and snow or sleet in the higher Troodos peaks. From late at night the phenomena will be more widespread.

Saturday will be mainly cloudy and local showers and isolated thunderstorms are forecast. Snow or sleet is forecast in the higher Troodos mountains. In places the phenomena are expected to be more intense or protracted.

On Sunday there will be intervals of sunshine and intervals of increased cloud which after midday are expected to lead to isolated showers or thunderstorms in some areas.

temperatures will edge up on Friday to close to average for the time of year but edge down on Saturday and remain at the same levels on Sunday at slightly below average for the time of year.

Heavy rain and strong winds are expected on Wednesday and Thursday the Met Office has warned.

Between 5-7 cm of rain could fall in some areas. The public is advised to prepared for lightening strikes and flooding in regions which are liable to flood.

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