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Ciklos Road Tragedy

A full report on the accident on the Kyrenia-Nicosia mountain road which claimed the lives of four young people on 5 December, 2018 will be presented to parliament on 23 December.

Ciklos Road Tragedy
Ciklos Road Tragedy

A car containing four youths, 18 year-old cousins Gaye Soyutok and Gunay Kandaz, Gunay’s fiancé, Tolga Bekci (21) and Ahmet Kilic (23) was swept away by severe flooding on the Ciklos bend of the highway.

The car veered across the road and plummeted down the side of the mountain, killing all four passengers. The car was discovered later in the stream bed below the road.

An investigation into the accident found that following recent resurfacing work by a Turkish company, the culverts were blocked by debris, resurfacing had raised the road level making flooding more likely, roadside barriers were inadequate and not sufficiently embedded into the ground. Additionally, the recent roadworks had not been inspected by the transport department and did not meet current specifications.

The Investigation Committee chairman Ozdemir Berova, said that the Attorney General’s office would begin legal proceedings once the report had been submitted.

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