Rain back in the forecast

Weather Cyprus
rain weather

A low-pressure system is affecting Cyprus with clouded skies and rain chances increasing gradually, while temperatures are expected to climb at the start of the weekend.

Friday skies will be mostly clear while cloud covers over local areas will appear on and off, with low chances of scattered showers in the evening.

Maximum highs are expected to reach 18° degrees Celsius inland, 20 along the coast, and 10 up in the mountains, while minimum lows will register at 6 degrees in the interior, around 11 in the south and east, 9 in the north and out west, and 1 in the mountains where frost is expected to form locally.

Temperatures are expected to rise on Saturday when skies will be mostly clear with occasional cloud covers but no rain in the forecast.

Sunday weather will be cloudy with higher chances of showers and isolated thunderstorms primarily in the north and out west. Monday rain is also very likely with high chances of isolated thunderstorms.


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