Erdoğan’s presidential complex to receive further budget hike in 2020

Erdoğan’s presidential complex to receive further budget hike in 2020 1

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has proposed an 11.8 percent budget increase for the Presidential Palace in Ankara for a total of 3.15 billion lira ($548 million) in 2020, Cumhuriyet newspaper reported.

The budget increase for next year in the 1150-room presidential complex in the Turkish capital Ankara, follows a budget hike from 1.6 billion lira  ($ 278 million) in 2018 to 2.8 billion lira ($ 487 million)  in 2019, Cumhuriyet said.

Presidential expenditures since Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took office in 2014 have increased by at least 550 percent.

The majority of Turkey’s 2019 budget allocations were spared for presidential, security and defense expenditures.

According to the report by Cumhuriyet, the palace’s expenditures for 2018 included, 1.3 million liras  ($226,000) for cleaning products, 1.5 million lira ($ 261,000) for cleaning utensils, 6.1 million lira ($1.06 million) for clothing items, 3.8 million lira ($661,000) for upholstery and 118,000 ($20,500) for spices and seasoning products.

Another 2 million lira ($ 348,000) was spent on mobile gift items, 867,000 lira ($150,000) on alcohol-free drinks, and 293,000 lira ($50,900) on flowers, Cumhuriyet said.

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