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Disabled man imprisoned for €900 debt released 1

A 51-year-old disabled man imprisoned a week ago because he owed €900 in fines has been released after a Cypriot man who wishes to remain anonymous settled the debt, philenews reports.

The sum of €100 had been raised initially by the Slovak man’s spouse and the remaining €800 was paid by the Cypriot who became aware of the incident after it was made public by Phileleftheros on November 30, the site added.

The man has been living in Cyprus for 15 years and other than the fines has not had any problems with the law, Phileleftheros said. The paper added that the man has only one leg and needs to take insulin daily.

While the man was in jail Central Prison management had initiated the process of referring the case to the Attorney General to secure six-month probation and arrange a settlement of the debt in installments.

Arresting offenders without previously the case first being referred to the Attorney General is seen as counter-productive since once in prison they are unable to work to pay the debt.

About 20 people are currently being held in the Nicosia Central Prison because they are unable to settle traffic fines, debts towards various state schemes like Social Security, or pay child support to their spouses. Two-thirds of them owe around €10,000 and the rest even more.

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