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Women Arrested

On Saturday night Larnaca police arrested a woman in connection with an ongoing investigation concerning sham weddings between third-country nationals and EU nationals.

The 33-year-old was arrested at Larnaca Airport and will appear before a court for a remand hearing.

On Thursday police arrested three people aged 47, 24 and 19 who have been remanded for eight days by Nicosia District Court and there are outstanding arrest warrants for another 23 suspects.

The investigation concerns a case of conspiracy to forge documents with the intent to facilitate third-country nationals enter the Republic of Cyprus.

In an announcement, police said that as part of their investigations, they found that in the case of 13 civil weddings between EU citizens and third-country nationals carried out at one municipality, the work contracts submitted with the personal files were forged. Police did not name the municipality.

The case is being investigated by police headquarters.

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