Cyprus Airways expands network, launches ticket sales for summer 2020

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Cyprus Airways expands network, launches ticket sales for summer 2020 1

Cyprus Airways on Tuesday announced the launch of ticket sales for summer 2020 from Larnaka and Pafos to destinations in Greece, Europe, and the Middle East.

“Our future is customer-centric and we see summer 2020 as an opportunity for growth, both for us and our passengers, better connecting our neighborhood with focus on Greece while adding destinations worth exploring giving broad options for the lifestyle our customer truly values,” said Natalia Popova, Chief Commercial Officer of Cyprus Airways, in a press release.

The Cyprus-based carrier is expanding its network to Greek destinations to both islands and mainland with flights to Athens, Salonica, Heraklion, Rhodes, Corfu, Santorini, Skiathos, and Preveza. Athens will also be connected with Pafos Airport.

And in addition to its Pafos airport connection with Athens, Cyprus Airways is now also flying to Tel Aviv from there.

In Europe, Cyprus Airways is landing to two cosmopolitan hubs in Switzerland (Zurich and Geneva), two World Heritage recognized cities in Slovakia (Bratislava and Kosice), in Shakespearian city of Verona in Italy and the historic city of Prague in Czech.

The company will continue its operations to Tel Aviv (Israel) and Beirut (Lebanon) while expanding and connecting with the magnificent megacity of Cairo in Egypt.

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