Turkish city enters UNESCO list with renowned cuisine

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Turkish delight

Another Turkish city entered UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network with its world-renowned cuisine.

Following footprints of the southeastern Gaziantep and southern Hatay provinces, western Afyonkarahisar province entered the list with its Turkish delights and more.

Intense efforts by a 24-member team, consisting of the governor’s office, municipality, a development agency and non-governmental organizations, on the province’s cuisine have born fruit.

Afyonkarahisar’s delicacies, including Turkish delight, sucuk — spicy traditional sausage — poppy, keskek — a dish made with wheat, beef and butter — and bread made with potato are close to becoming a brand.


Ali Gumushan, manager of a hotel group in Afyonkarahisar, said the process to enter the list started a year ago.

“Now, our city Afyonkarahisar is proceeding to become a brand city,” Gumushan said.

Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz also highlighted the city’s fame for its hot springs.

Noting the significance of the list, Tutulmaz added: “These things are important for us because our cities need to become a brand.”

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