The President has the main responsibility to create preconditions

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The President has the main responsibility to create preconditions 1

The General Secretary of the C.C. of AKEL on the appeals for unity on the domestic front

Asked by a journalist about the references made by DISY President A.Neofytou about unity on the domestic front and how this is forged especially during the current critical times for the Cyprus problem, the General Secretary of AKEL Andros Kyprianou replied:

“Mr. Neofytou has lately been repeatedly referring to issues related to unity, saying that the domestic front has been shattered. I agree totally that our country is facing enormous difficulties, many problems both with regards to the Cyprus problem and on the Economy, but also with regards to the problems of interwoven interests and corruption. It would be more than desirable to have unity on the domestic front. But who has the main responsibility, however, to create those preconditions that will forge unity on the domestic front? It is the responsibility of the given President of the Republic of Cyprus. At this stage, it is the responsibility of Mr. Anastasiades himself.

At this stage of the Cyprus problem, he acts with regressions and contradictions. He accuses anyone who puts questions to him and anyone criticizing him of promoting Turkish plans, thus effectively undermining any possibility of an understanding.

On the economy, the policies that have been pursued in recent years are policies that serve the privileged few and ignore the many.

Regarding interwoven interests and corruption issues, his name is, unfortunately, at the forefront. Due to his personal responsibility, Cyprus has slid down the table of indicators as regards corruption and interwoven interests. Worst of all is that instead of providing answers to defend the name of the Republic of Cyprus, he not only does not give an answer and remains silent, but he criticizes anyone who dares ask him questions so that issues can be clarified.

Given this state of affairs, you realize there can be no unity on the domestic front. For that reason, Mr. Neofytou would do well to first turn his attention to Mr. Anastasiades and call on him to work to create preconditions for unity on the domestic front.”

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