Mr. Skouridis returns home in North Cyprus 1

According to the Turkish daily Yeni Duzen.Greek Cypriot Mr. Nikolas Skouridis, returned to his home village of Kozankoy near Lapta in Northern Cyprus. He was 34 on the 15th of August 1974 when he left.

Mr Skouridis had stated in June 2018 that he was determined to go and die in the place he was born and raised.  In an interview in a well known Greek Cypriot paper in June 2018.He said: “My family, after discussing it, did not take the matter too warmly”. But he adds that “everyone does what they want. I’m not dependent on anyone. Whatever I have done so far in my life, I did it myself. I have created it myself. ”

His Turkish Cypriot residency application has been completed and he has already moved to Northern Cyprus. According to the report, Mr Skouridis has made new friends in the village and they are enjoying each others company at the local cafe.

The 79-year-old had applied to the Immovable Property Commission in the TRNC in a bid to get back his home at Larnacas Lapithou, which is the villages original name.

After much wrangling, Skourides was granted his property and a title deed to an empty plot as his ancestral home had been demolished. “So, I decided to build what I dreamt of,” he said.

He has built his new home and said he had no fences put around it as he is against division.

Photographs of the event have been published by the Yeniduzen newspaper as well as the residency documents.

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