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South Cyprus President Anastasiadis is keeping a close eye on what he will do to respond to Turkey’s challenges. However, it chooses to send specific messages, mainly in relation to the next steps in the Cyprus issue. A few days before leaving for New York and the United Nations General Assembly, President Anastasiadis is sending the message that if Turkey insists on challenging tactics, then negotiations cannot begin. A message that has been echoed several times in the past, without the Ankara’s willingness to diversify its course so far. 
In an interview with the Associated Press, President Anastasiadis stressed that he had made it clear that “to restart talks Turkey’s illegal actions within the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus, and not just these threats, must be stopped. Also, the threats related to Famagusta settlement. It is not possible, in view of the threats at sea or the actions on land, to create the climate necessary to lead us to a creative dialogue and I do not think anyone is negotiating under threat. “
Elsewhere, President Anastasiades stressed that he himself could not imagine that it was a matter of “identifying a sovereign country’s energy program with the illegal actions of another country within the exclusive economic zone, because that may be the pursuit, that is,” you suspend the energy program, we suspend our interventions in the EEZ of the Republic of Cyprus. ” This, he said, “would equate legality with illegality, abolish or, if you will, call into question the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus”.
He also sent messages on Tuesday evening at a reception hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Nicosia. President Anastasiadis then said that Cyprus is in the midst of a period of new tensions by Turkey, such as drilling in its EEZ, as well as recent actions and statements by the Turkish side on the possible opening of the enclosed city of Varosha.
Anastasiadis further stated that these Turkish actions should be clearly condemned by the international community since they are contrary to the UN Charter and international law, pose a threat to peace and stability in Cyprus and the region and are in opposition. creating a positive climate for the resumption of negotiations with a view to achieving a comprehensive and sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem.
Concerning the Cyprus problem, Anastasiadis reiterated that “our primary objective and priority is the reunification of Cyprus, without foreign intervention, foreign guarantees and troops.
The hope is that they can start meaningful negotiations on the Cyprus problem, this time different from the past, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said. He made this statement in response to a question from the CPC at the press conference he gave on the occasion of the opening of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly.
“My message is that it is very important to quickly agree on the terms of reference so that we can start meaningful negotiations, this time different from the past. This is my message to all the leaders I meet. It is time to agree at least on the terms of reference, on the basis of the work that has been done, especially in Cran Montana. Because I strongly believe that the political process needs to be restarted. “
The UN Secretary-General explained that this is also very important for the parties.
“I see a lot of impatience on the part of the Security Council due to the fact that there is no progress and I believe there are very good reasons for the parties to understand that they should come to an agreement, at least in the terms of reference,” he added.
Fructata is watching Orouch Reis 
Accompanied by a frigate, the research vessel Orouts Reis in the Eastern Mediterranean. The frigate of the Turkish Armed Forces is accompanying the Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis, sailing in the Eastern Mediterranean, as announced by the Turkish Ministry of Defense.
The research vessel Oruc Reis is Turkey’s fourth Mediterranean ship to assist the two Fatih and Yavuz wells and the Barbaros research vessel in its hydrocarbon activities.

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Japha Huse
Japha Huse September 19, 2019 at 10:59 am

“Concerning the Cyprus problem, Anastasiadis reiterated that “our primary objective and priority is the reunification of Cyprus, without foreign intervention, foreign guarantees and troops.”

What’s the point of talks then? Leave it at 2 states and stop wasting everybody’s time.

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