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Final construction studies of a Turkish pipeline from Turkey to North Cyprus are being carried out by Turkey, following clear instructions from Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu during his recent visit to North Cyprus. According to information, the Turkish Foreign Minister requested that he be informed at regular intervals of the progress of the final studies in order to assist in making investment decisions and releasing funds so as to construct the power line as soon as possible. 90 kilometers from Akkuyu to North Cyprus.
philenews reporting It is worth noting that Turkey does not hide its plan for a power line that will connect Turkey – from the nuclear power plant at Akkuyu to Girne North Cyprus, where high-voltage networks that connect to South Cyprus also start, is accelerating to take advantage of the delay in the construction of the Euroasia Interconnector pipeline, which is planned to connect the electricity networks of Israel, Cyprus, and Greece.
Turkey has already completed the economic and technical studies, carried out by a large German firm, which includes the underwater route and the cable parameters. They believe that if the Eurasia Interconnector is not built, the project will be economically viable as it will bring electricity to Cyprus at prices 30% lower than the existing ones. This will gradually lead to South Cyprus using more and more electricity being channeled through the Turkish submarine electricity cable, as South Cyprus and South Cyprus are now fully interconnected and functioning as a network.
The fact that it was decided to accelerate the Turkish-TRNC electricity interconnection was confirmed both by Mevlut Cavusoglu in statements to reporters during his visit to North Cyprus, and by the Turkish Energy Minister, Hassan Taksim, The project is gaining speed,” the Turkish diplomat said characteristically, explaining that the pipeline would gain another strategic advantage, given the hardening of the EU’s stance. vis-à-vis Turkey. 
On the other hand, the Euroasia Interconnector has been stuck because of Greece’s plans for a separate Crete-Attica pipeline, which will not be compatible with the trans-European pipeline that will lift Cyprus’s energy isolation. At the same time, concerns in Cyprus are heightened as the pipeline will not remain a trans-European project unless Greece backs it before the EU. Cyprus has not even received a response from the new energy minister and the Greek government in its plea and its arguments in support of the pipeline. A letter by Cypriot Energy Minister George Lakotroupis to the Greek Ministry of Energy remains unanswered, despite expectations that with the rise of the Mitsotakis government, Greece would support the project that abolishes Cyprus’s energy isolation.
It should be noted that at the same time, within Greece, there is a strong pressure on political power from large financial interests that have invested hundreds of millions of euros in power plants in the country to maintain the status quo, following an interconnection between Greece and Cyprus. , because of the potential for cheaper natural gas production in the region, will have a very negative impact on their investments.

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