in a TV interview, Takis Hadjidemetriou who is a Representatives of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage Condemned the 16-year-old greek Cypriots actions in Akdoğan (Lysi) on Sunday,

Condemnation from Representatives of the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage,  1

A video shows a Greek Cypriot teenager, pulling down a Turkish flag in a local schoolyard during a pilgrimage in the north.

over 2000 Greek Cypriots visited on Sunday their village of origin in the north, where they were able to hold a church service for the first time in 45 years.

The visit was coordinated with Turkish Cypriot authorities that granted special permission, while local police were also on-site.


We need more people like “our Takis”, people who put first the interests and the reunification of Cyprus!

Takis Hadjidemetriou statement in the TV Station ALPHA [about the action of the 16th years old boy]
“These type of actions reinforce the division, the mistrust, the confrontation and conflict! We were doing plans and we were dreaming for developing further such type of activities in order to form a wide peace building measure! And then fanaticism comes! I don’t say that this is an issue of a 16 year old boy! It is an issue of the Society, the State, the School, the political leaders and the mass media” It is the way we educate this society! What kind of values we offer! What kind of directions we offer! What kind of meaning we give to the concept of “patriotism”! Do we accept that meaning of patriotism that provoked such incidents and that the only thing they can achieve is to reinforce the division, the mistrust, the confrontation and conflict?”
Takis Hadjidemetriou considers that this incident constitutes “an expression of the defeat of the Greek Cypriot side”. He appealed for a change of mentality!
“And it is high time to feel tired of being defeated by our own actions/by ourselves, due to our own pseudo-patriotism, fanaticism and intolerance. And it is high time to get into a dialogue and recognize that in this country, after what it had happened to us, we need to acquire the competence and recognize the need for dialogue, communication and coexistence in order to make all together a new beginning in a multicultural Cyprus”.
The G/C Head of the Bicommunal Committee for the Cultural Heritage when he was asked about the ways the Turkish Cypriot Authorities would react he said that he didn’t know, underlining that: “I don’t know how they will react. I know that this harms the historical unity and our relations with the others. This hinders the case of preserving our cultural heritage”


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