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The Tri-Party meeting appointment finalized 1

President Mustafa Akinci and President Nicos Anastasiades will be having the Triparty meeting with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres September 28 or 29th.

Jane Holl Lute, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of Cyprus, will be visiting the  Island in early September, she has been assigned the task to complete the terms of reference with the leaders before leaving the Island.

Alihtia news using the headline Joint Meeting 28-29 September…  pointed out that Akıncı and Anastasiades were determined to move forward within the framework of the road map agreed on their talks on August 9, in consultation with the UN.

Guterres gave a green light to the arrangement of a joint meeting with the leaders immediately after the UN General Assembly, after the leaders confirmed that it was now possible to reach an agreement on the terms of reference to Lute in the latest phone calls.

The report stated that Guterres’ colleagues are still in contact with the two leaders over the joint meeting, the appointment is scheduled for September 28th and 29th, and it remains to be clear which of these two days the meeting will take place.

South Cyprus government resources said that Jane Holl Lute’s arrival to the island is also confirmed, the arrival date is not certain, but it is thought she will come to the island on September 2-6.

Based on the information obtained by the newspaper, it wrote that Lute intends to leave the island with an agreement on the terms of reference, but that the declaration of the agreement will be made by Guterres in the presence of two leaders after joint negotiations in New York.

According to the newspaper, which states that there are two reasons for the selection of this formula, one is that after Lute’s contacts on the island, there are some issues up in the air related to guarantor forces. Like Guterres, senior Turkish officials will also be in New York for the UN General Assembly. Secondly, the agreement on the terms of reference carries the seal of the UN Secretary-General. This is something that will make the agreement more formal and binding.

Indicating that with Nikos Anastasiades the Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Micotakis will also be in New York for the UN General Assembly.

it was pointed out that if the plan of announcing the reference terms agreement by Guterres did not break at the last minute, the Secretary-General was very likely to announce both the agreement for terms of reference and the informal conference immediately after the meeting with the two leaders.


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