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Forty-five years ago to this day, the Turkish Military launched its second offensive.

The Turkish Army pushed forward on August 14th, 1974, liberating more Turkish Cypriots in Famagusta, Karpaz, and Güzelyurt areas. On the same day Maratha, Santalar, Atlılar and Tochni massacres a total of 211 innocent people were murdered, committed by Eoka B and the Greek Cypriot National Guard. More Turkish Cypriots were murdered on the same day in the Turkish Quarter of Paphos when the Greek Cypriots entered the area.

Below are just some off the people murdered in this Genocide.

Maratha, Santalar, Atlılar and Tochni

Maratha, Santalar, Atlılar and Tochni

Maratha, Santalar, Atlılar and Tochni

Anyone that condemns the second offensive should be reminded of what happened in Cyprus as a whole on that day, and that not one Eoka B member or National Guard has ever been convicted for the genocide.  Not even the murderers who have openly admitted to the crimes have been prosecuted. Instead, they are hailed and celebrated as heroes by the Greek Cypriot Authorities.

Greek Cypriots have never shown remorse to what has happened. This makes it more difficult for the Turkish Cypriot community to forgive the killing of unarmed, defenceless victims that were mostly women, children and the elderly.

The Turkish Cypriot will never forget what happened that day as they mourn those that were massacred, who lost their lives in a nationally coordinated act of terrorism of senseless bloodshed.


In the words of one GC over the Genocide

Μια ζωή χωννούμαστε πίσω απο τα δάκτιλα μας .Λαός που Δεν ξέρει την λεξη συγνώμη , που Δεν απετεί τημωρία των ενόχων ειναι καταδικασμένος να ζιει μες το μίσος και την αμφιβολία και για να μην παρεξηγηθώ που και αυτό είναι ενα απο τα φόρτε μας εννοώ και Ε/Κ και Τ/Κ
Καλημέρα και ο Θεός να μας ΕΛΕΗΣΕΙ

English Translation

A life we ​​hide behind our fingers.

A people who do not know the word sorry,

who do not condemn the guilty and are condemned to live in hatred and doubt and not to be misunderstood,

which is one of our burdens,

I mean and GC and TC Good morning and God bless us

Paphos: Eye witness to murder 14 August 1974


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