Mass Shooting: Suspect and 9 dead, 26 wounded or injured in Oregon District

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Mass Shooting: Suspect and 9 dead, 26 wounded or injured in Oregon District 16

Nine people have been killed and at least 26 injured in a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio – the second US mass shooting in 24 hours.

Mass Shooting: Suspect and 9 dead, 26 wounded or injured in Oregon District 17 Mass Shooting: Suspect and 9 dead, 26 wounded or injured in Oregon District 18

Mayor Nan Whaley said the injured were in several hospitals throughout the city.

The shooting began at 01:07 local time (05:07 GMT) in the Oregon district of the city center.

Police confirmed they killed the gunman at the scene within a minute of him opening fire.

Mayor Nan Whaley told reporters she was “amazed” by the quick response of the officers which she said prevented further deaths, but also stressed it would be a “very, very difficult time” for families of victims.

“As a mayor, this is a day that we all dread happening,” she said. “What’s very sad is I’ve got messages from mayors across the country – it’s sad that we’ve all gone through it.”

The incident came only hours after a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas which left at least 20 people dead.

It also took place less than a week after three people were killed and 15 injured at a food festival in California.

Mayor Whaley called on anyone with information to call the police to aid their investigation. She also said it was the 250th mass shooting in the US this year.

But the Gun Violence Archive, which categorizes mass shootings as four or more people shot or killed (excluding the shooter), said there have in fact been 251.Presentational white space

Assistant Police Chief Matt Carper had earlier told reporters that officers on patrol managed to take down the gunman.

“Our people are very well trained for a situation like this,” he said, adding it was “very fortunate that the officers were in close proximity”.

What happened in Dayton?

Footage posted on social media showed people running as dozens of gunshots echoed through the streets.

It is thought the shooting took place outside Ned Peppers Bar on E 5th Street. A note saying staff members were safe appeared on Ned Peppers Instagram page and on the nearby Hole in the Wall bar’s Facebook page.

Officers at the scene of the Dayton shooting
This is the second mass shooting in the US in less than 24 hours

Jae Williams told the BBC he was at a nearby rap performance when they were told to evacuate.

“I was very shocked,” he said. “We all evacuated quickly and safely. We were told to avoid the Oregon district.”

“I got to my car, I could see cops, multiple ambulances.”

Another eyewitness told Reuters they had been in a nearby nightclub, Newcom’s, when the shooting happened. “The screams, the cruisers, the chaos… the security guards and themselves were running around and telling people to get out and just how everybody was acting, you knew something was wrong,” she said.

“And then when you came outside, as soon as you hit the front street, you’ve seen the bodies, you knew this was different. You knew it was something that you never thought of experiencing, never experienced, wouldn’t want anyone to experience.”

Who was the attacker?

Nothing is yet known about the gunman.

At a news conference, Mayor Nan Whaley said he was wearing body armor and was carrying extra magazines for his weapon.

“We don’t know the thoughts of the shooter,” she said.

Officer Carper, who stood beside Mayor Whaley, said it was “very early in the investigative stages” and could not confirm there was only one gunman involved, but said so far that looked likely.

Emergency services gathered at the corner of E 5th Street and Wayne Avenue in the wake of the shooting.

FBI agents are also assisting police with their investigation.

What’s been the reaction?

At the news conference, Mayor Whaley said Sunday would be “a day filled with a prayer for our citizens”, and asked people to think of those people “who went downtown on a Saturday night and thought they’d be safe”.

She earlier tweeted that she was “heartbroken” after the shooting, and thanked first responders.Presentational white space

On Twitter, singer Lizzo called on people not to “normalize” shootings, saying that her family in Dayton were safe “but that’s not the case for 9 other families”.Presentational white space


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