Mainly fine with temperatures at 39 C inland

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Mainly fine with temperatures at 39 C inland 15

Seasonal low pressure is affecting the area and after early morning local low cloud or patchy fog lifts, Wednesday will be mainly fine.

Temperatures will rise to 39 C inland, around 31 C on the west coast, around 34 C on the remaining coasts and around 30 C in the mountains.

Tonight will be mainly fine with patchy fog and low cloud locally. Temperatures will fall to around 24 C inland and on the south and east coasts, around 22 C on the remaining coasts and around 18 C in the mountains.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be mainly fine but local low cloud and patchy fog are possible at night and early in the morning, mainly in the west and south.

Temperatures will remain at the same levels at close to average for the time of year, edging up on Saturday to above average.

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