The Furnaces of Palingenesia Album – New releases 2019 – Deathspell Omega
00:00 Imitatio Dei-Deathspell Omega
04:56 Sacrificial Theopathy-Deathspell Omega
07:33 The Fires of Frustration-Deathspell Omega
12:32 Renegade Ashes-Deathspell Omega
17:55 1523-Deathspell Omega
21:32 Absolutist Regeneration-Deathspell Omega
26:59 You Cannot Even Find the Ruins…-Deathspell Omega
32:18 Ad Arma! Ad Arma!-Deathspell Omega
36:27 Neither Meaning nor Justice-Deathspell Omega
38:43 Standing on the Work of Slaves-Deathspell Omega