Özersay: “Stress on cooperation is important in the USA’s statement”

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Özersay: “Stress on cooperation is important in the USA’s statement” 13

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay evaluated the USA’s latest statement on natural gas and pointed out that the expression which suggests the necessity of cooperation and dialogue between two sides is important.

Regarding the statement of United States Department of State on 9th July on hydrocarbon activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, Özersay said, “Despite some points which we find unacceptable, we think that the expression which suggests “achieving cooperation” and “enhancing dialogue in order to achieve sustainable energy security is worth taking into account”.

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Özersay added: “This statement is parallel with the approach of the Turkish Cypriot side on the solution of the problem.

I would like to restate that as the Turkish Cypriot side we are totally ready for cooperation and dialogue with the Greek Cypriot side as well as all relative sides. In this respect, I would like to remind that the Turkish Cypriot side has been making suggestions for cooperation and dialogue to the Greek Cypriot Administration regarding hydrocarbon reserves around the island as well as appealing to international communities to encourage the relative sides to cooperate.

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At this stage, we hope that the Greek Cypriot Administration will not remain indifferent to the USA’s statement and the USA will follow what steps will be taken in response.

We are also asking other countries to adopt an approach which encourages cooperation and dialogue in order to achieve sustainable energy security and economic welfare.

Özersay also stated, “I need to stress that unlike mentioned in the USA’s statement, it is the Greek Cypriot side that creates a provocation, builds up tension, insists on taking steps on their own regarding natural resources and avoids discussing the matter with the other stakeholders”.

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