Turkey adds value, power to NATO

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Turkey adds value, power to NATO 15

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated on Friday his determination to honor all bilateral and multilateral military alliances.

“Turkey is a country that stands out with its success in all bilateral and multilateral military alliances it is part of,” Erdogan said at a graduation ceremony of the National Defense University in Istanbul.

Underlining that Turkey adds value and power to NATO, Erdogan said: “As long as we see the same understanding from our interlocutors, we will stick to our commitments.”

“As we defend the rights of our country and our friends in the international arena, we see that the embargoes that we are exposed to in the defense industry increase.

Ankara covertly sends 42 German Leopard-2A4 tanks to Cyprus

“Turkey has power to directly respond to attacks against its existence and unity, before they reach its soil,” he added.

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