Prince Harry has accepted damages after a news agency took photographs of his Cotswolds home from a helicopter.  A High Court judge ruled in favour of the Duke of Sussex during a hearing on Thursday, in which Splash News and Picture Agency also apologised for the infringement on his privacy.  Mr Justice Warby heard a statement in open court at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Thursday in relation to Harry’s privacy and data protection complaints against Splash News and Picture Agency.  At a hearing earlier in May, the court heard that photographs which showed “the living area, dining area and bedroom” of the property had “very seriously undermined the safety and security of the Duke” and his wife Meghan, who “felt they were no longer able to live at the property”.  Giving permission for the statement on Harry’s behalf to be read in open court, Senior Master Barbara Fontaine ruled that “the evidence supports the position” that the photographs in question “did undermine in a serious way the safety and security of the applicant and his wife”.