NewsX Explained: Rahul Gandhi Scorpene Submarine Deal Controversy | Ulrik Robert Mcknight Row

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who has been crying foul over Rafale contract been given to Anil Ambani, as per a report was a co-promoter of a UK firm backops limited, that allegedly acquired defence offsets under the UPA regime. The report says that Rahul owned a majority 65% equity in the firm between 2003 and 2009 and his partner Mcknight owned a 35% shares in the company. Mcknight and his company later went on to acquire offset contracts from French defence supplier naval group against scorpene submarines in 2011. Documents accessed by NewsX point out how Ulrik Robert Mcknight was incorporated as a director in the company.

Arun Jaitley — “This is a story of a man who aspired to be a defence deal pusher and today aspires to be India’s prime minister. It’s a serious charge and I think it’s my responsibility to reveal this,” said Arun Jaitley, as BJP raised the pitch for the recognition of the allegation that Rahul Gandhi’s former business partner got defence offset contracts during the UPA regime through his firm Backops Limited, UK.

Jaitley said that Rahul did not have any business raising his finger at the BJP (presumably over the Rafale deal) when he himself have been involved in corruption. “What did you want to be? A defence dealer or a politician?” he said, asking how he would like to be judged now.

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