Breaking News May 4th, 2019 [9:58 AM]

In the past 2 hours, the “Palestinians” from Gaza opened an attack against Israel and fired more than 50 missiles at Israeli cities in the south of Israel with the direct intent of murdering innocent Israeli civilians (They targeted only populated civil cities).

The “Palestinians” took advantage of the fact that most of the Israelis are traveling outside due to the Shabbat (Saturday) vacation and aren’t near to a bomb shelter (Like the soccer players in the first clip in the attached video) which will increase their chance in succeeding of murdering Israelis.

The Israeli defense system, Iron Dome, managed to intercept dozens of the missiles, but some managed to explode at places like a popular road, a soccer field, private houses yards and such.

When the Red Alert siren system was activated, hundreds of thousands of innocent Israeli civilians, including little kids who were just playing outside, rushed as fast as they could to try and find any shelter from the attack, and those who couldn’t just lied on the ground and hold their heads, since they have only 15-20 SECONDS to find a cover.

* This happening every time the siren is on…

This attack comes after that yesterday, “Palestinian” terrorists in the Gaza border used the “Peace Protests” to shot from a sniper rifle at 2 Israeli soldiers who were observing the riot.

Need to mention that the “Palestinians” already said in the last few weeks that they will not let Israel peacefully host the 2019 Eurovision in Jerusalem (May 18th).

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Photo: Illustration